Recent collaborators

Dr. Stephanie Hampton, Professor, WSU, NSF


Stephanie is an aquatic scientist, with diverse interests including the analysis of long-term ecological data (including in Lake Baikal), environmental informatics, and the effects of climate change on plankton. Stephanie is currently Division Director for the NSF Division of Environmental Biology (DEB).

Dr. Monika Winder, Professor, Stockholm University


Monika is broadly interested in the consequences of environmental dynamics for ecosystem processes and natural communities at various temporal and spatial scales. She addresses questions in aquatic systems with a special emphasis on planktonic organisms. Her website is here.

Dr. Paula Kankaala, Senior Researcher, U. of Eastern Finland


Paula is interested in food networks of large lakes. Her recent research is on the contribution of terrestrial organic carbon to bacteria and zooplankton and carbon-related biogeochemistry and greenhouse gas fluxes. 

Dr. David Duggins, Research Scientist (retired), U.W.


David was the founding member of the subsidy lab. The work I did during my PhD with fatty acids is a natural extension from his work using stable isotopes to investigate the contribution of kelp to the food webs of the Aleutian Islands. David was the co-chair of my committee. 

Dr. Megan Dethier, Director of Friday Harbor Laboratories, Research Professor, U.W.


Megan is an intertidal ecologist, decorated naturalist, and teacher (pictured holding a slime star in ZooBot lab). In the spatial subsidy lab, Megan is one of the primary student mentors and in-house multivariate statistics guru. Learn more about Megan and her work here.

Dr. Alex Lowe, Postdoctoral Fellow, Smithsonian Institution


Alex managed many of the Spatial Subsidy Lab operations and we started collaborating during my PhD years at FHL. Alex and I teach a Marine Subtidal Ecology (and Scientific Diving) class at FHL on alternating years. Check out Alex's website.

Below, left to right: Alex Lowe and Ross Whippo working with Scallops in the lab; Kevin Britton-Simmons discusses Laminarian kelps; Wendel Raymond and Ross Whippo on a safety stop.