CTELab is now offering limited fee-for-service contract work!

Fee-for-service work is quite common for stable isotope analysis but there are less options for analysis of fatty acids. We are starting to do limited work in this space.
Our services will range from: going from raw tissue samples to Excel files with fatty acid data, analysis of existing FAME with the GCMS, and more. For this work, there is no need or expectation for us to be 'collaborators' on scientific products. In that case, we would just deliver FA data. For projects we are collaborating on (where we have intellectual contribution) the rates will be different and based on consumables cost recovery only. We are also able to train other students/technicians or host people who wish to do their own extractions. 
We have initial rates settled for most of these services based upon >9000 extractions performed in my lab since 2015. Rates for most services we expect to provide are already calculated but available upon request. Contact Dr. Aaron Galloway (agallow3@uoregon.edu). Use the subject: "CTEL-services".