Funding Support

My research has been generously supported through a combination of teaching assistantships, grants, fellowships, and private foundations. I am very grateful for the support.


My current research funding has been provided by the University of Oregon (startup), the National Science Foundation (Antarctic algal gradients project), and Oregon Sea Grant (Dungeness crab OA - Biennial Funding, Gooseneck Barnacle Aquaculture SEED Funding).


My Postdoctoral Research positions were supported by the Academy of Finland (Grant PI: Kankaala); the California Delta Stewardship Council (UC Davis, Grant PI: Winder); Washington State University, and the NSF (WSU, Grant PI: Hampton).


My graduate school funding was from: the National Science Foundation (NSF) [Grant OCE-0925718]; an NSF teaching fellowship (Ocean and Coastal Interdisciplinary Science GK-12, DGE-0742559); and Washington Sea Grant.


The funding for my specific research questions came from the following sources:

National Science Foundation, Aug 2018, Award #1744602

Oregon Sea Grant, Feb 2018 

Delta Stewardship Council, UC Davis, Stockholm U., Nov 2013 

Academy of Finland, University of Eastern Finland, June 2013 

Richard and Megumi Strathmann Fellowship, (FHL), March 2012

Alan and Marian Kohn Fellowship(FHL), March 2012

International Phycological Society, Paul C. Silva Student Grant, September 2011

Pacific Northwest Shell ClubScholarship Award, April 2011

PADI Foundation, Research Funding Award, April 2011

UW SAFS Graduate Research Funds, Scholarship Award, March 2011

American Academy of Underwater Scientists, Kathy Johnston Award, October 2010

National Shellfisheries Association, Castagna Research Grant, January 2009


Thank you!