Past students in the Coastal Trophic Ecology Lab

Zofia Knorek; MS, OIMB 2018.


Zofia worked on the trophic ecology of invasion - when a non-indigenous species is introduced, how does it shift food web dynamics? Her focus was on invasive tunicates. Zofia is now a Ph.D. student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences. Visit Zofia's Website!

Leela Dixit; REU Student, 2017. OIMB & UC Davis


During her REU term, Leela was an Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity major at University of California, Davis. Leela worked on what influences the coloration of marine isopods, specifically at the importance of environmental cues such as visual or chemical cues. Leela plans on pursuing research and graduate school in the future.    

Zade Clark-Henry; REU Student, OIMB & OSU


Zade is currently at Oregon State University studying natural resources with an emphasis in forest ecosystems and ecological restoration. During his internship at CTELab, he worked on the influence of various diets on molt and growth rate of Dungeness crabs. He contributed to a paper about this that is in preparation. 

Elena Rubio López; Visiting PhD student, Universidad de Cádiz, Spain


Elena is interested in marine ecology, fisheries and sustainable aquaculture. In her Ph.D. research she is studying trophic relationships of aquatic communities in restored wetlands used for aquaculture in the Guadalquivir estuary (Spain) using fatty acids biomarkers. Elena visited my lab for 6 months in the summer-fall of 2016, working on mysid fatty acids.